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Weddingpictures that captures the moments.


Wedding photographer Gøril Sætre

Dreams that last forever

You are planning the dream wedding

and there are so many things to think about ...

What exactly is a dream wedding?

A dream wedding is you!

It reflects your personality,

and what matters in your life.

Turn it into your special day,

     enjoy every moment together ...

... and let me help you to keep all those beautiful moments

with images that last for ever.



You have already spent a great amount of time and energy to ensure this day will be absolutely fantastic. Maybe you think; WOW! This is going to be amazing! and you want to remember this day for the rest of your lives! With beautiful images that capture the mood, the laughter and joy, the butterflies in your stomach and all the warm and amazing hugs - you can awaken all those memories in an instant.

In the Deluxe package, I got all of that covered for you! Here you get hours of documented joy, tears, partying and fun, ending with an absolutely beautiful album that tells the story in a way you can daydream back to this day, time after time.

45 000 NOK

nygift-vestland-fotograf Gøri lSætre

All day

What a couple and what a day this will be! Think of all the memories, emotions and beautiful moments this day will hold! Do you want to be able to look back on all these good times with beautiful pictures, so you can relive and enjoy all those memories over and over again? During a full-day wedding, I document up to 10 hours of excitement, romance and joy, so that you can revisit the wonderful day. In addition, you get around 500 files in color or b / w and a digital proposal for an album with some discounts, if you should see that you would like one.would like .

31 000 NOK

brudepar-ØvreEide Gård-FotografGørilSætre

Half day

If you wish for a bit of history documented from the day with great photos, but do not want a photographer around you all day, this can be the package for you. Here you get 6 hours of photography and a digital online gallery with around 250 files capturing the beauty of your day.

25 000 NOK


Portrait & Ceremony

Are you going for a small and intimate wedding, and just want pictures of you and the ceremony, then this is the solution for you. This package is only available November-April in Vestland county. The package contains a couple of hours of photography as well as a good selection of ready-edited files that you can use freely privately.

17 000 NOK

Charlotte, bride

After looking through Gøril's portfolio and having a little chat at the wedding fair, the choice became simple, a passionate person in the profession, eager, bubbly and not least, she had the pictures we wanted! Definitely the photographer for our big day. Ahead of the wedding we had a nice conversation where we discussed everything necessary, we got to know each other a little better and were just even more confident. We were lucky to have her with us from morning to night. You have to look for a long time for a photographer who captures all the magical moments, but Gøril manages it. She is also good with children, we heard from guests that she was very eager, but good at "hiding" so as not to disturb. Now, a few months after the wedding, we still get praise from guests for how good a photographer we had. We are very happy with the photographer and photos.

brudepar-ulrikken-Fotograf Gøril Sætre

Things you might be wondering about...

Can you describe your style and how you work?

My style is mainly documentary, with some elements of staged natural images. My passion is storytelling with beautiful and natural pictures and I do my best to catch all those beautiful moments throughout your day. Otherwise, the style is quite natural and soft.

What is included in the price?

All my packages include a meeting before the big day. My goal is that you should be completely confident in me and that I know what you want from me on the day. You get to enjoy and I will document- and together we create magic. in addition, the price includes edited files for private use (the number varies depending on which package they choose). The Delux package also includes album.

Where are you located / where do you take photos?

I am based by the beautiful Sognefjord, surrounded by beautiful western nature, but I love to travel, and would never mind travel to   catch a your big day. So fare the area has stretched from Lofoten in the north to Rome in the south, England in the west to Finland in the east.

Do we have a meeting in advance?

Yes, we always have meetings before the big day! The chemistry is very important, and it's nice to get to know in each other a bit in advance. Depending on where you are in the country, this takes place online or an actual meeting well in advance of the wedding. And I am always available for my great bridal couple. With over 10 years of experience, I have both tips and advice on the watch.

When do we get the files and what can we do with them?

The files will be available within 8 weeks after the wedding as long as the full amount has been paid. The files come fully edited in color or black / white and can be used privately and on social media. I do not give away unedited files, as there is a lot of work and love behind every single image I give away. Resale of files is not allowed without an agreement with me.

When and how do we pay?

The payment is divided into 3 equal parts. The first part is sent out when you book and sign the agreement, this part is not refundable if you break the agreement. The second payment is around 14 days before the wedding, while the last part is around 14 days before you get access to files.

Can we buy albums / other products from you?

Of course you can! I mean quite clearly that the pictures are best in physical form, whether it be in the form of a beautiful big picture on the wall or a beautiful album that tells the story. I am ready to help you and I only work with professionals suppliers who guarantee high quality.

Is travel included in the price?

Travel and accommodation are not included in the prices, but based on actual costs.

When / how do we book you?

If they like the style of my work and want to book me, I recommend that you get in touch via the form here , then we can have a chat online and see if the chemistry is right and we will take it from there. To secure the date, you must also sign an agreement and pay the first installment. Whether you choose me or someone else, it is wise to get in contact early so you are sure to get what you want. I now accept bookings for 2022/23.

Do you take other types of pictures as well?

I do! I mainly work with capturing memorable m0ments for beautiful people both at weddings and in everyday settings. Feel free to stop by the MOMENTS page here , if you would like to see some more work.

Ønskjer du litt meir informasjon, tips & råd
Bryllupsbilder vestland

Sunniva, bride

Gøril Sætre was our wedding photographer in August 2019. We had a full day shoot and are so happy we chose that. Gøril captured small and big moments throughout the day. One key word for Gøril must be quality. She practices her profession with the utmost respect and passion and the result is thereafter. With her cheerful and bubbly nature, the shoot becomes a dream. She is also clear and knows what will work, which created security. The communication has been absolutely super both before, during and after the wedding. On the supply side and always positive! We are super happy with Gøril and the pictures we are left with, and can absolutely recommend Gøril further as a wedding photographer!

Love & Moments

It is important that you choose a photographer who takes the type of picture you like, if you want to see a bit more of my work, you are welcome to look at the gallery below

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