Filled with children’s laughter, excited youth, sugar-coated new love and the gentle love from grandparents.

Life is a beautiful thing!

I am a creative photographer with passion and love for all those beautiful moments in life. Memories that will be captured and shared for generations.


I am based on the Norwegian countryside, looking out on the majestic Sognefjorden, however, I also love to travel and see new places and would love to come and capture your moment at your special place.

Happiness & Life

I am happily married, and mother of two wonderful girls, whom make sure that life is never still.

We love to travel and experience new things together, small as well as big.

With an international family, I always daydream of new exciting places. Who knows where life will take us?

Education & work

Bachelor (Hans) Photography, England

Professional Diploma  in Photography (svennebrev), Norway

Kings & Queens og Bygdepatrioter, 2017

Ekte Utkant, 2013

Huldreleik, 2011

Gløymde Skattar, 2010

Female Identity, 2008

Published work in NewYork Times, represented by Living Inside.

My amazing customers

Customer service is so important to me!

Without my amazing costumers, my dreams would not come though

Fantastic great photographer !! We are delighted with our wedding pictures. Gøril is very skilled. She is smiling, enthusiastic, professional and very comfortable to work with. Highly recommended!



We went to Gøril for senior pictures of our son. Gøril quickly established great chemistry with our son, and he got both comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. I am super-pleased with the pictures! A good mix of classic pictures, and some "cooler" relax pictures. Exploit many great "locations" for the shoot, right in the neighborhood. The challenge was to choose away pictures ... Gøril has been positive, energetic and helpful throughout the process. Highly recommend Gøril!



Gøril, the best of the best! Not only does she take great pictures, she is also great with kids, my little girl felt so secure in the setting and I got so many beautiful pictures. A more smiling and positive person will be hard to find, you just want to hang out with her and have a good time!