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Gøril Sætre

A bit of my story and why I really want to tell your

Fotograf Gøril Sætre

This website is actually for you, not about me ... but if you are a little curious about who I am, and why you can trust that I will do everything in my power for you to have a fantastic experience and end up with beautiful pictures to look back on, well then it's just to continue reading.

My story and my values

For me, the image itself has always been both fascinating and exciting. As a child, I could sit for hours and look at old albums, see pictures from the old days with people I barely knew who were. I could sit there and daydream about the people in the pictures and the lives they lived. As I got older, it was my own memories that were presented in the pictures. Pictures that made me recognize the smell of oil in my grandfather's basement or my grandmother's hot cocoa, reminiscent of a wonderful childhood and a fun youth. But also reminding me of important people who are no longer here with us. As a 35-year-old, I lost one of my most important supporters, one of those who had always been there for me and cheered me on. My father died of cancer, and I was left desperately wishing for even more pictures to remember. For me, this was the start of ¨A day in life¨ photography, because I sincerely believe that a picture has a far stronger value than money can ever buy. And my biggest wish is that you and yours loved ones get the pleasure of, and see that value of, beautiful, fun and real pictures together before someone is no longer in the pictures.


I am a creative photographer with passion and love for all those beautiful moments in life. Memories that will be captured and shared for generations.


I am based on the Norwegian countryside, looking out on the majestic Sognefjorden, however, I also love to travel and see new places and would love to come and capture your moment at your special place.

Dokumentarisk familiefotograf

I promise ...

... that you will have fun!

... to catch the moments with love and respect and

.... that you will end up with beautiful and fun pictures that can be enjoyed for ever.

I promise you will not regret it!

Bryllupsbilder vestland

Renate, bride

What we appreciated was your presence and the desire that we should get the pictures we wanted best.
You are energetic and get people with you, and are positive.

For especially interested

Education & work

Bachelor (Hans) Photography, England

Professional Diploma  in Photography (svennebrev), Norway

Kings & Queens og Bygdepatrioter, 2017

Ekte Utkant, 2013

Huldreleik, 2011

Gløymde Skattar, 2010

Female Identity, 2008

Published work in NewYork Times, represented by Living Inside.

Landskonkurransen 2020, Gold & Honorable mention

Laugkonkurransen 2020, Bronze & Honorable mention

Laugskonkurransen 2021, Honorable mention

Represented Norway in the World Photographic Cup 2021.

Member of the Norwegian Photographers' Association.

Published work in the New York Times, represented by Living Inside.

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