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Rain on your wedding day

Don't´panic, let it be epic

Weddings are often planned down to the finest little detail, and you want everything to turn out exactly as you have it in your mind... however, it's not often that picture includes pouring rain....


As a photographer based in Western Norway, I am above average used to rain, and I can tell you the clue lies in your mindset . Because if you're prepared to get a little wet, and maybe even a little dirty, then it's not that dangerous, because you're already mentally prepared for it.


So if it turns out to be a bit wet on the day, don't panic, it's still possible to get the most beautiful photos, as long as you're willing to embrace the moment and enjoy the wild and wet.


I was lucky enough to photograph Cathrine and Ole Martin on their big day, with blue skies before the church, we thought it would be no stress about the whether, but as it was time for the wedding shoot, all the floodgates opened from above, but it didn´t stopped them, they were so unbelievably sporty and sacrificed whatever they had to sacrifice to get those amazingly, beautiful epic pictures.


So talk to your wedding photographer, and get your mindset on amazing photos no matter what the weather is.


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