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Documentary familyphotography

Do you feel that you basically take a lot of pictures of your family, but that there is always someone missing ... namely you or maybe your partner?


Do you take thousands of pictures for social media to document those beautiful moments ... only to never see those pictures again, as it vanish into the mass up in that cloud of yours?



I can help you!

I take pictures of real life and all those real situations, so  you don't have to think about it. I capture the moments so you can enjoy the time with your family. Because these pictures are not made just for you, they are made for your children, grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren. These pictures are created so that they can tell a story for future generations.

En Dag i Livet Fotografering

1.   Get in contact.

2. Lets talk, get to know each other a little and find     a perfect date.

3. Enjoy the day with your loved ones  Let there be chaos, laughter and even tears if needed, I will make sure that you can look back on it all with a great big smile.

How does it work?


A day in life

A day in life - photography is an absolutely fantastic way to document family happiness in a completely real and natural way. Family chaos, Rocker-Elvis-Soap-hairdoo in the bath, grandparents on the beach with small grandchildren or maybe it's a holiday trip by the fjord with the extended family ... In any case, this is a golden opportunity to document the real twinkles and good memories, so that you can enjoy them over and over again.

Full day 7000, -

pappa-nyfødd-fotografering Dokumentarisk

A taste

Have you recently welcomed a newborn baby? Have you managed to gather the whole family and want pictures to tell the tail? Do you feel uncomfortable infant of a camera, but would like to have pictures to look back on? Here is the solution! This shoot lasts up to 3 hours, it is intimate, and personal, real and honest. It documents the present so you can enjoy it in the future.



With one in focus

If you want relaxed and beautiful pictures of yourself or a child, I am happy to tell that story too, just as natural and real as all the other shoots, but with only one beautiful person in focus.


Therese, mother of confirmant

We went to Gøril with our confirmant. Gøril quickly found the chemistry with the youth, and he got both comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Amazing work! We are super-happy with the pictures! A good mix of classic photos, and a bit "cooler" relaxed photos. Many great "locations" for outdoor photos, right nearby. The challenge was to choose pictures ... Gøril has been positive, energetic and helpful throughout the process. Highly recommend Gøril!


What happens after the photo shoot?

With a good dose of curiosity, you probably wonder how the result was,

and you will probably be surprised of all the moments that has been captured.

But we are not done yet! Because the picture comes to life only when you get to see them, and they are always at their best when you can enjoy them in physical form

as a picture on the wall or in a beautiful album. You can they read more about some of the products


I will help you find the products that will be right for you.

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